The Age of Heroes

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Everybody loves a hero. Our theaters, tv screens, and social media feeds are filled with stories about heroes: people who are committed to the greater good of others.

You know who really loves heroes? Kids! Visit your local Target or Walmart and you’ll see that the toy section is full of fun items promoting (you guessed it) heroes!

The reality is that our kids really don’t need to be entertained by Spider-Man or Captain Marvel, but they do need real heroes. Kids under the age of 18 make up 23% of the total US population… that’s about 74 million kids! Many of them will head back to school this fall. Every one of them (and their families) will face unique challenges.

None of us can be a hero to every kid or family. But all of us can be a hero to one or some. What if we did that? What if every one of us chose to be a hero in some way to the next generation this fall?

  • What if you served as a small group leader for kids or students at your church?
  • What if you tutored a student at your local middle school?
  • What if you asked your friends or neighbors with kids how you could help or serve their family?

Real heroes aren’t content with “What if?” They ask, “Where am I needed?” So find the need, grab your cape, and be a hero to a kid (and their family) this fall.

Disclaimer: Don’t wear an actual cape. That would be weird.

“…Let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth.” 1 John 3:18 

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