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Navigating the business side of ministry can often be challenging for many church leaders. That’s why I’m so thankful for XPastor and their team.

Their mission is “Expanding the Business Brain + Pastoral Heart” for Executive Pastors, Senior Pastors, Pastors, Finance Personnel and Board Members.

XPastor is a global tool for churches of all sizes. Since 2003, they have helped hundreds of thousands of church leaders. They provide resources, training, and events that help to equip these leaders.

Their founder, David Fletcher, is often called The Dean of Executive Pastors. “Fletch” was a pastor for 35 years in churches from 1,000-8,000 members, single and multisite, churches with mergers, camps, schools, apartments and cafés. He founded XPastor in 2003 and its 1,100 free articles have become a principal resource for leaders in a complex church world.

If you’re a church or ministry leader please check out what they have to offer at www.xpastor.org

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